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2015년 12월 11일

Earlier today at an event in San Francisco, FLIR announced a strategic collaboration with DJI Innovations, the market leader in easy-to-fly drones, designed to provide a wide variety of commercial drone users with aerial thermal imaging solutions.

FLIR Systems Announces Availability of Second Generation FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Accessory for Smartphones and Tablets

2015년 06월 25일

FLIR Systems today announced that the next generation FLIR ONETM thermal imager is now available for purchase worldwide.

New FLIR TCX Thermal Bullet Security Camera Delivers Superior Intrusion Detection 24/7


FLIR is proud to announce the new FLIR TCX Thermal Bullet, the first class of security cameras to feature high-performance, high-resolution thermal technology for the best intrusion detection and visual awareness in daytime or nighttime conditions.

DJI - Introducing the Matrice 100 and Guidance

2015년 06월 15일

Meet DJI’s newest technologies that enable you to create something that will revolutionize the world. The Matrice 100 is a fully customizable, programmable flight platform that’s optimized for use with the DJI SDK, and the Guidance is a visual sensing system that brings automatic object detection capabilities to your aerial platforms.


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